Celebrate Getting Through It with Open Box Die

Hey everyone!  I'm excited to have the chance to share with you during Neat & Tangled's birthday month.

 I've been having all sorts of fun with my new Open Box die.  Today I thought I would showcase a very simple way to use/close it.

To assemble the box die, I use micro or mini dots.  If I keep the box open, I'll attach the little tabs on the outside of the box since they are kind of hidden, like  this:

If I am going to have the box closed, like in this card, I want a neater look on the outside, so I adhere the little flaps on the inside of the box.

In a previous card I tied the box closed, but tying perfect bows can be tricky, especially when it's a little box.

So for this card, I closed the box the easy way, kind of like when you're packing real boxes, by overlapping the flaps and tucking one side of the last flap under the first flap.

It's super easy and quick!

I wanted to make a more masculine card, and I thought about tucking some money in there like Heather Hoffman did on this card, but I ended up using a bit of flair that I had in my stash from BossyJoscie instead.

The sentiments are form the Celebrate stamp set.

Really simple, but a fun way to send some encouragement.  Thanks for visiting!


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