Let's breathe some life back into this blog shall we?

I have a lot to catch you up on! Things have been VERY busy in this house, and I plan on filling you in on all of it, in due time.  Lots of things are changing, for the good. Never a dull moment, I'll tell you that.

To be honest, the focus of this blog is going to shift a bit. And when I say 'focus', I actually mean my posts will be all over the place. Ranging from entertaining stories (G suddenly thinks the toilet is a good home for toys), to crafting (paper and otherwise),  to cooking (I made the WORST raisin cake in the world), to the basement renovations (which I've dubbed The Never Ending Project), to things that I just feel like talking about (I'm tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding), etc.  I realize this may have me losing some followers since it won't be truly dedicated to one thing or another, but this is what I want to do.  But for those of you who decide to stick around the ol' blog, it shall be interesting I assure you.  This also allows me to post more frequently, since I don't have to worry so much about feeling like I HAVE to post something craft related.  I'll have a little more freedom, and you'll get to know me a little better.

So, here is a very brief synopsis of what's been happening over here:

1. The basement is still going...has it been forever yet?  To be honest, they have been great, and are ahead of schedule.  I'm just ready for it to be done.

2. Its baseball season = hubby doing baseball lessons after work= lots of LONG days for me

3. G is becoming very independent and learning new things everyday.  Independent is really code for he has a mind of his own and breaks down everytime I make him do something he doesn't want to, like leave the park.

4. Lucy had to have 22 teeth pulled, poor thing only has like 8 left.  Still manages to dig through the trash and eat everything alright though. She also managed to run away on Easter.

5. My craft room is a black hole.  I literally have to climb over things to get anywhere.

6. I have spent too much money on products from QVC. (all of which I love, so it's not so bad)

7. And last, but not least, I am 15 weeks pregnant.  This pregnancy and my first have seriously been like night and day.  Let's just say, I am glad to be out of the first trimester.

Well, hubby just called me into the bathroom to "see what G learned to do!"... he was hanging from the towel rack. Oddly enough G can't reach the rack, which means someone would have to pick him to hang from it...I'd love to have a glass of wine right now, but I'll settle for chocolate milk instead.
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