Tangled up in Christmas: Day 20- stamped gift package

Hey! Kasia here with another Tangled up in Christmas idea! I'm challenging myself this year with brown packing paper as the only gift wrap and today I want to show you idea how to make it a bit cuter!You will need only some brown paper, washi tape and of course Neat and Tangled lovely stamps to pack your gifts with a little twist!

Wrap your gift in the paper and secure it with washi tape- I got mine from IKEA this year and it was really inexpensive- perfect for wrapping stuff! 

On the place where tapes cross each other place a stamped image. I really like the look of stamps from Santa's Note and of course Do not Open placed in there! Than if you wish scatter some stamped snowflakes or stars on the package for more detailed look.

I really like gifts packed this way, they work as a cute decoration too! To be honest I don't even want to open them now! :) Wishing you bright and merry days in this final countdown till Christmas! :)



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