Neat and Tangled Company Gallery at Splitcoast + Drawn Together

Hello my lovely little tangles, Danielle here.  

Can you believe how close we are getting to Christmas?! Not gonna lie, makes me a little sad that it always comes up so fast.  I still have to finish up my cards and get them in the mail...oops!

I'm here with some fun news! Neat and Tangled now has a company gallery over at Splitcoast Stampers!

Be sure to add your projects using the keyword neatandtangled   Make sure there are no spaces!

And I just had to share this fun card by Kathie. I actually met Kathie in real life at our Copic Certification classes back in October :)

Seriously, how fun is this!? I love the little scene, and the jumping gingerbread man just makes me happy!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I cannot go without mentioning something that is weighing so heavily on so many hearts.  As a human being, mother, and wife of a teacher, I am beside myself after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am sure many of you, like myself, want to help in anyway possible, and here is a wonderful opportunity to get involved from a crafty perspective. 


  1. Such a fun card and I love what Amber is doing...I already sent in several packages of cardstock:)

  2. How cute is that! Great card! Thank you for mentioning drawn together as well.

  3. Kathie's card is adorable! Love the colors on kraft!


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