Tangled Up in Christmas Day 14: Treat Bags

Good morning friends,

Do you give edible treats and baked goods for the holiday? I certainly do, and I am always looking for crafty ways to help dress up my treats.   I want to share with you today how I used my Neat and Tangled stamps to create a holiday house from a small kraft coffee bag. I usually opt for the bags that are lines with the plastic coating to keep any oils from the baked treats from marring the outside of the bag.


I used the scallop rows from Little Tangles to create the roof and trimmed it with the peppermint from Santa's Notes. The peppermint fits perfectly inside a 1/2" circle punch. 


I re-purposed the gifts from Elves at Work as windows along with the Santa's Workshop sign. The north pole from Santa's Notes became the door frame and some gum drops from Hey Cookie accent the snowdrift landscape.

Your bag is now ready for whatever yummy treats you plan to place inside. Happy Baking! 



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