Simply Missing You and Basic Card Making Tips with Kelly Latevola

Hello Crafters! 

It's Kelly here and I'm super excited to share a personalized missing you card today. 

I think as card makers anything we make is usually with someone specific in mind. I really love the fact that anyone who receives a card from me was thought about from the start to the finish. When I saw the new Topography set I immediately thought of a way I could make more cards even more personal. 

I think most of us have friends near and far. Whether it's childhood friends who have moved away or friends we've met through this fantastic hobby. I thought adding in the outline of my own state to send to a friend whose moved away would be a cool way to let them know that the friends they left still missed them. On the flipside I think it would be cool to change up the sentiment and send the recipient a card with their own home on it. 

Since this card had minimal coloring I actually got to give a ton of other tips in this video I usually don't have time to talk about haha!
Check them out below

If that isnt the shortest video I've ever made it's a close second :) 
I am still in love with it though because because Black and White makes my heart go pitter patter when there's that POP of color. 

I love how the Topography set gives the card that gorgeous pattern but still makes sense with the design. This card came together so easy and I know whoever receives it will know that I'm sending some Ohio love :) 

Thanks for stopping by! 




  1. Hi Kelly, What a great video! Love all of your helpful tips...I have had all of those issues and never thought of any of those solutions myself! Your card is adorable. You're right about that pop of color, and the map is genius!


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