Despite saying I would NEVER get a Twitter account I did.  A lot of companies/people I like have twitter, and so I jumped on the bandwagon.

What I do like is that everytime I have one of my random thoughts I can just put it out there without having to jump on here and come up with a whole blog post.

Would you like to be subjected to my random thoughts daily? Then I suggest you follow me on Twitter.

Follow neatandtangled on Twitter

I believe you can click that lovely box and it will take you there, but if you prefer to search from just look for neatandtangled.

Here is what is sad....I am so Twitter illiterate I am seriously having issues figuring it out.  I feel old. I know I'm not, but I really feel behind the times with this one.

Do you have Twitter? If yes, let me know and I'll follow you too.


  1. I signed up for the PTI thing, but I just can't for the life of me, see myself using it. I ignore Facebook most of the time, so Twitter just has no appeal to me just yet.
    But I'm glad you enjoy it!

  2. So nice to have you on board over at Twitter, I love it, such a great way to keep in touch with my friends...Looking forward to twittering with you, let me know if you need help, I have tweet deck which is brilliant.

  3. It's great for saying a quick hi to friends :)

  4. I signed up for twitter a while ago, but just recently started using it (though not regularly...) and I just followed you!

  5. I just signed up for twitter about a week and a half ago. I still haven't figured it all out either. What are the hash marks for? See what I mean? Anyway, my friend Laurel convinced me because the rest of the design team at Lawnscaping is all there. It's been fun, I won't lie.

    And yes, I'd like to be subjugated to your random, witty daily thoughts. ;o) If you'd like to hear mine, my twitter id is inkinbloom. Took me two days (no joke) to come up with ANYTHING that wasn't already taken. And I figure, I'm a writer, a stamper, and a floral designer, so it works in some weird way. Ah, well. Off to "click."


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