Is it over yet?

Hello blog friends, how I miss you all.

We have been spending the last few days at my mom's to escape the sounds of demolition. I am happy to report that demolition and water proofing are done.  Can we talk about how much of a mess it made?  I guess all of the dust from jack hammering concrete floated up through our ducts and vents and I have a lovely layer on EVERYTHING.  I cleaned like a mad woman yesterday after they left, and did again today.  There is still dust everywhere I look and it is driving me insane.  I'm also in a panic because I'm sure it can't be good breathing this in. My irrational mind has thoughts of asbestos and mold running rampant.

Here is a quick picture I managed to snap at the end of today. This is the last of the crap from the basement.  So, imagine this x 10, and that's how much has been hauled away.  The next step is to let the newly poured concrete cure for about 2 weeks before work can progress.  Thank God I have 2 weeks to recover. I am hoping construction isn't as bad as demolition.

Now that we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives for the time being I am hoping to be back with a card for you tomorrow!

The good news is I've been so warn out from all the hustle and bustle that I have been sleeping like a baby.

So for now, I am off to workout and watch tv.  Good night!

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  1. WOW! that part of the construction has moved on quite must be getting a little excited now...I sympathise with the dust issue, having renos done here only a couple of months ago, it just about drove me spare. Get plenty of rest my friend as you will need it, sending hugs!


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