Craft room video share. Yikes!

So as promised here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sorry I didn't post it yesterday but somehow I managed to forget it was the Superbowl. We had some family over for a little party. It was quite lovely.

The video is in two parts...the first one is me just rambling and the second is the actual room.  Feel free to skip the first video.  I recorded the first on my Mac and the second with my digital camera which explains why it's poor quality and I get cut off at the end.

Apologies for the terrible lighting but it's super overcast today. I also know that I look like a teenager and I hate my voice. Go easy on's been a rough day!


  1. Love your sweet room Danielle, and I am sure that when you get your new space you are not going to know yourself, I am so looking forward to seeing the work in progress and the end result. The videos were awesome, you cracked me up about peering into peoples windows...LOL. Bug Hugs!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these videos Danielle. I thought your hair looked lovely :) I have included a couple of links for you of some really lovely craft rooms - maybe you can get some ideas (you may have already seen them).

  3. You are adorable. And you have a lovely voice! I especially enjoy how you say "water" and how you confess to being a peeping Tom.

    And in conclusion, my spare room/office/craft room/music room drives me nuts because it's impossible to keep organized.


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