Tough Decisions

I got a phone call the other day from the school I worked at before having G. They were desperately in need of a long-term substitute.

I was really torn over this and, in my usual list-making fashion, mapped out some pros and cons.

Pros                                                Cons
- $$$                                               - Arranging childcare
- Seeing old friends                        - Time working at home (lesson plans, grading, etc)
- Getting dressed up everyday      - Rearranging G's schedule of play dates and classes
- Time out of the house                   - No naps
- Did I say $$$                                - Missing out on the cool things G does during the day
                                                        - Insane schedule coordinating
                                                        - No time for any of my projects
                                                        -  Rescheduling parties (direct sales jewelry parties)

The list seems simple enough, but the thought of arranging childcare for G alone made me nauseous. It wasn't so much the thought of leaving him, but just figuring out the logistics of it. I was truly torn, mostly because we can always use extra money.

It was eating at me all day.  G and I sat down to have dinner.  We have been practicing his body parts (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.) for a little while.  The only one he really has down is his mouth, probably because that's where he puts everything. He must hear, "Not in your mouth", about 100 times a day. While we were sharing a pork chop he was pulling at a piece of his hair.  Instinctively I said "That's your hair". As he continued to play with it I kept saying, "Hair, hair, yes, that's your hair".

As we were finishing up I looked at him, and expecting him to point to the usual spot said, "Where's your hair?".   He grabbed his hair.

I made my decision.

(For the record it wasn't even a fluke, he's been doing it all night)

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