My life is a beautiful balancing act.  I thought it was hard when I was in school, working, having a social life.  But this motherhood thing is a whole other beast. Feeding, changing, napping, doctors, working, house work, errands, gym, money, cooking, laundry, friends, husband, mother, the list goes on and on.

Somedays are good, others are more challenging.  It would be very easy to lose myself.  I truly have to make an effort to keep ties to things that make me who I am as an individual.  I have to consciously make time for myself, and I am thankful to have a husband that understands and encourages me to do so.  It's somewhat sad, but I have a schedule for myself that has things like "gym, 20 minute shower, computer time, craft time, Hubs time, 30 minutes of  'you can't ask me for/to do anything' " built it.  The craziness of the schedule keeps me from going crazy. 

There have been a few days where I just go all day and give and give and give and give and never take a single moment for myself and by the end I feel like nothing, nobody. I learned not to do that anymore, it's just not worth it for anyone.  If it means that Hubs eats tater tots for dinner because I needed to watch a rerun of Who's the Boss and zone out, that's what it means.  And he'd probably tell me they were the most delicious tots in the world. 

I guess I'm writing this because I see friends losing themselves and it makes me look at my life and feel really lucky.  It also makes me sad because they are slowly drifting away.

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