October 20th

The day that will live in infamy.  Okay, maybe I'm being a little overly dramatic. But in all honesty I am a bit nervous about that day.

October 20th is the day that I embark on my personal scrapbooking/stamping challenge. As you already know I am very much into crafting of pretty much any kind, a jack of all crafts if you will.  Currently I haven't really dabbled a whole lot in the world of paper crafts: scrapbooking, stamping, card making, etc.  I've done a few scrapbooks, and a little stamping (I made our wedding save the dates). Of all crafts I really admire women who rock paper crafts.  Not only are they creating beautiful pieces, but they are also in many instances preserving memories.

Over the past month or so I have been reading blogs like this one, joining communities like this, and asking advice from ladies like this.  I have been taking notes, researching, printing pictures and gathering supplies to help me complete my challenge. There is so much to learn!

So here it is, my personal challenge.  Beginning October 20th, 2010 I will complete one 'thing' a day. It could be a scrapbook page, a card, a gift tag, etc. Something paperish related. My main focus is the scrapbook though. What spurred this all was the fact that I have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful pictures of G, and they are all just sitting here on my hard drive.  Along with each of those pictures is a memory, which I am sure over time may fade from my memory (it's bad enough I still have placenta brain). I want to be able to look back through the pages and remember. I have a fear of forgetting. Maybe it's because I watched Alzheimer's steal these things from my Baczi (Polish for grandmom). Whatever the reason, I want to preserve these things for myself and G. Who knows, maybe I'll even get so good I'll get some work published, be asked to be on a design team, a girl can dream.

What will happen to my current list of projects to complete? Well, I've been burning the midnight oil to finish them! I should have a few finished by weeks end to be honest, and I'm really excited to share them with you. Especially the tweed afghan I'm currently crocheting.

I'm also open for advice. So any of you masters of the scrapbook, stamp, cards...your advice, suggestions, feedback, critique, recommendations are more than welcome.

Oh, and thank you UPS and FedEx for oh so conveniently delivering my packages before Hubs gets home.

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