Bearded baby?

So, as I mentioned before we recently celebrated G's birthday.  Since he loves Mickey Mouse so much the theme was Mickey.  Mickey decorations, Mickey balloons, Mickey cupcakes, Mickey cake.  I love Mickey as much as the next person, but this was Mickey overload.

I made his cupcakes and cake, which required me to dye icing and fondant black.  I probably should have done a test run first, but no no no. I waited mere hours before the party to do it. Lesson learned.  Dying the chocolate icing black was easy peasy. Dying the white buttercream and white fondant, not so much.  A whole container of black food coloring later, and I was pleased. My hands showed the fruits of my labor (aka they were a lovely shade of purple the rest of the day).

As stated in my previous post I am not one for posting pictures of baby G online, but I just had to share this blurry shot with you so you could begin to imagine the repercussions of black icing.

That black blur in the front is his hand.  He pretty much looked like a little bearded pirate. And in case you were wondering, all that black icing made for an interesting diaper the next day.

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