Don't Cry Over the Wrong Ink Cartridge

So, a few days ago I talked about how I had this awfully long day with several mishaps.  Well, instead of regaling you with a play by play of that, here are a couple of pictures.  Enjoy!

What you can see in this picture: a portion of the coffee spillage.
What you can't see: coffee that managed to seep in between the buttons on my phone, thus making typing almost impossible.

What you can see in this picture: a mess of paper towels, and the feet of the culprit!
What you can't see: the trail that leads out into the dining room, and the several pieces ingested by the blue-toed culprit.

In addition to those lovely snapshots we also encountered a real creeper at the park, and didn't get to see Hubs until about 7 because of his new coaching position. Big thumbs down to him getting home so late. Thumbs up to the extra money though.

Well, just when I thought it couldn't get worse. We were working our way through the monstrous to-do list. G and I popped into Staples to get our new ink cartridges.  Took me about 23 minutes to find the right ones since there are about 400 to choose from.  After we made our purchase, I decided since it was so nice out we would take a quick stroll around the shopping center.  Bad idea.  There's nothing like getting harassed by unemployed, probably on parole, white trash while pushing a stroller.  It's one thing to hear comments or whistles when I'm out at a bar, but it reaches a new low when I'm rocking the motherhood thing.

We leave sleaze central, swing by Acme, and head home.  When we get back I notice I have a voicemail from a number I don't recognize it.  Normally I would just ignore it and check it like 30 hours later.  However something told me maybe I should see what this is about.  Well, it was someone from my banks transaction review department saying there were some charges to my account that were questionable and they wanted to verify before allowing them.  I'm thinking Staples and Acme really aren't that out of the ordinary. I call, the person I speak to names 2 charges, each for over $800 for some no name companies I had never heard of...awesome.  So, to make a long story short, I had some fraudulent charges, and spent the rest of the day on the phone, ripping my hair out, and at the bank.  Hubs was so great and came home for a bit so I could hit up the bank without having to take G with me.  I was so frazzled from the exhautingness (yes, I made that up), of the past 36+ hours I was just ready to drop.  But, I came home and held down the fort until 6:30 when Hubs got home.  I had a million and one things to do, many of which involved using my newly purchased ink cartridges.

I get all my stuff and head into the office to escape for a bit.  I go to put the new ink in the printer, and realize I bought the wrong black ink cartridge. DARN YOU CANON FOR HAVING SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! M hears me cursing the printer, and makes the mistake of coming to see what's going on.  I start yelling about the ink, and then the tears start to flow.  Poor Hubs wraps me in a hug, "Honey, it's okay I can exchange it for you tomorrow! I can print whatever you need at work just email it to me!".  Little does he know it really has nothing to do with the ink, but his gesture suddenly makes me feel okay.  I realize that even though the past two days have been long and draining, my life isn't too bad.  I've got two amazing men in my life that love me more than anything.

So I abandoned my printing projects, picked up my needles and whipped this up

It's going to be part of a pair, it always feels better to know you're not going it alone.

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