Never Ending

Today was the second longest day of my life ever. (The first being the day I was induced, because that whole process felt like an eternity).  I will do a whole post about today with pictures tomorrow, for right now I lack the energy to walk 5 feet across the room to get my USB cord for the camera.  To give you a taste it included such events as getting creeped out by a creeper at the park, spilling coffee all over my Blackberry, and a whole roll of paper towels being draped across my living room floor.  Tomorrow will most likely be more of the same.

Let's discuss for a moment why I am dreading tomorrow. I have 5 errands that I MUST complete tomorrow before the end of business hours. It is quite a feat running errands with a just started walking, not too steady, I want to be independent, never-mind I want to be carried, almost one year old.  The fact that I have so many errands to do all over the map is bad, the fact that I have to drag poor G along to all of them is worse, and don't all revolves around nap time!  This is something someone should have told me. My entire life schedule is determined by nap time.

Add to all of that, most of the places I need to go aren't really stroller friendly.  Here is my tomorrow in a nutshell:

1. Wake up at 6:30 because now that Hubs is getting up early so does G...bye bye sleeping in til 8:30
2. Do the whole breakfast/get ready routine
3. Get loaded up in the car
4. First stop - non-stroller friendly post office
5. Back in the car
6. Second stop - stroller friendly Staples
7. Back in the car
8. Guess what, gotta head home for nap time
9. Nap
10. Snack
11. Back in the car
12. Bank to get something from safe deposit box (no stroller)
13. Back in the car
14. Organic market (no stroller, and no shopping carts...I'm royally screwed with this one)
15. Back in the car
16. Home for lunch
17. No point in going out, nap time is in less than an hour
18. Nap
19. Back in car
20. Bank (different one, with a drive thru!)
21. Home Sweet Home

I included all of the "getting in and out of the car" nonsense because for any of you that have children you know that this alone is a whole scene.

So tonight, I made myself tater tots and edamame for dinner.  I sat and listened to M for 25 minutes retell his day. I had  chugged half a glass of wine. And now, at a measly 9:20pm I'm going to bed.  If Hubs values his life at all he will do the dishes and take the trash out before he joins me.

A friend of mine posted a quote on Facebook once, and after today(and tomorrow) it couldn't be any more true.

It's not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it. 

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