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Since I became a stay at home mom our life has in many ways simplified without me even trying. With only one real paycheck coming in we obviously have less money. Less money means less spending. Less spending means less 'stuff'.

Let's take for example last summer.  Summer of 2009 I was still working so we had twice as much income.  This meant I could spend somewhat frivolously.  Confession: I have had a cosmetics problem.  Make-up was my thang. I loved trying new eyeliner, bronzer, mascara, face wash, lotion you name it.  It doesn't help that I read this blog, she is was a major enabler.  Needless to say my collection grew, and grew, and grew. Here is (some of) the end result:

Yikes. I have enough mineral eyeshadow to make a mural. Heres the kicker: I ALWAYS go back to my same favorite products. What a waste. I have a really hard time tossing it in the trash though. I think "Well, someday I might need it!". Really? Am I really ever going to need metallic blue eye shadow? Probably not.
Favorites: Clinique, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Mary Kay, Burt's Bees

So, you can see what having extra money allowed me to do. I also have a thing for bags, but I'll spare you the image of my closet.

Since no longer having a paycheck I can't do this.  Not to say I don't browse Sephora when given the opportunity, but I just refrain from buying.

In addition to less stuff, there is just less craziness and stress in general.  Don't get me wrong, running around with a toddler all day is crazy, but a good crazy.  Pretty much it breaks down into me running the house (cleaning, dinner, laundry etc.), while Hubs handles going to work and the yard (plus cleaning kitty litter and trash duty).  Before when we both worked it was a battle as to who was going to do what because we were both spent from being at work all day, and no one felt like cooking or cleaning.  We have more time to spend together and the weekends aren't filled with handling things that got pushed aside during the week.

I've come to realize I don't really need a whole lot besides my bazillion craft supplies to get by and be happy. It really amazes me that we can get by quite well with just Hubs income. Who knew?We have a lovely home, with delicious food on the table, and a happy healthy baby. Doesn't get much better than that.  I'm glad our life has taken this path. I've even been sorting, packing, and donating things that have just been sitting around.  It feels good to have less 'stuff', and I'm happy to think its going to someone who has good use for it.

I've even been trying to convince Hubs to get rid of our cable.  Not so sure that will ever happen. God forbid we go a day without Sports Center!

What I did do today was clean out that mess of a make-up drawer. Ta Da!
I know, still more than I really use. Baby steps!

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