Have You Seen These Socks?

Hubs just finished folding the laundry last night after I went to bed and I woke up to this

Can someone please tell me where all of my socks go?  If you happened to stumble across a matching pair to any of these loners please send them along my way.

From now on I am only buying all white or all black socks. That way there is less of a chance I'll end up with so many stragglers, or at least I'll be less aware of missing socks.

Also, I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed with my Coach purse.  Back before G when we actually had extra money, Hubs bought me a Coach purse for Christmas, so luxurious!  I reserved use of said purse for special occasions. Over a span of 3 years I probably used it about 3 times, and after each use I would empty it out and place it back in it's special bag and hide it at the top of the closet.   I realized last week this was foolish, mainly because we have a baby now and special adult outings are few and far between.  So, I've been using it as my everyday purse.  Well Coach, just wanted to let you know that your purses are NOT baby proof.  The little hangy zipper strap really came in handy to entertain a squirmy almost one year old.  That was until last night when I was out with my mom I went to zipper it up and the darn thing just ripped off.  So much for quality! I'm going to need some sort of industrial needle to sew this bad boy back together.

In the mean time I'll be switching back to my old standby, Vera. Vera Bradley that is.

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