Hello Fall, I've been waiting for you!

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by Hubs getting off due to the rain.  Even better was the fact that it turned out to a beautiful, albeit windy, day.  We spent it doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, not totally true. We went to the mall for a bit to continue my quest of looking for the perfect (cheap) pair of clogs. No luck. I found a pair I loved, unfortunately they were $99 which I couldn't bring myself to spend.

We spent the remainder of the day lounging around the house, and we went for a lovely early evening walk. My mother in law came over to watch little G so Hubs and I could sneak out for dinner and some more shoe searching.  Success!! I found a cute little pair of clogs at Sears for $19.99. What luck!

 I also took a peek at some of the Christmas decorations they had out. We then wandered over to Barnes and Noble and picked up a few books for G. I even snuck one in there for myself.  Love it when I find a book I want on the clearance rack for $5.98. (The Beach House by Jane Green if you were curious)

I watched the weather forecast this morning and it looks like it's going to stay in the 60's for the next week. Thank goodness.  I'll be glad to say goodbye to those 90 degree humid days. (Don't worry, I'll be cursing the cold in a few months I'm sure).  For now I am off to do a little cleaning and burn my pumpkin pie candles.  Also, I picked up International Delights Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee creamer at Target the other day. Yum.  A definite must have if you like coffee and pumpkin pie.

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