An Open Letter

Dear Guy at Acme,

I just wanted to write to thank you for causing me to forget to purchase a crucial item on my list.  You probably don't even know who I am, based on the fact that I am apparently invisible. You see, I was standing in front of the bread wall (in plain sight) trying to decide on the best bread (something whole wheat/grain) for the best price (less than $4). When you sauntered up with your cart acting like you owned the store (my apologies if you do). You must have been so enamored by all of the bread that you failed to realize you and your cart stopped directly in front of me (literally I could touch your cart without even trying), thus blocking my view of said bread.  You also made it impossible for me to access the bread which I had finally decided upon. You proceeded to stand there for approximately 1.5 minutes while I patiently waited. I became so irritated that I just decided to continue on with my shopping to return at a later time, and as a result forgot to come back to get my bread.

I'm just curious, have you heard of a thing called common courtesy?

The poor girl with no bread and her poor baby that will not have toast for breakfast tomorrow

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