I need to make a small adjustment to my October 20th Challenge. You see, I got a job!

I know, I know, you're asking yourself why? "Danielle, aren't you busy enough as it is?" "No, you do enough already!"  "What about the baby!"

No worries my friends, I get to do it all from home. There was some seriously some Higher Power involved in me getting this gig.  I was on Facebook the other morning, which is usually impossible with G's busy schedule (who knew a 1 year old needs a chauffeur?). Somehow, by a stroke of pure a luck, a friend of mine updated her status saying the company she works for was looking for some extra help for the holiday season, and it was all work from home. Could it be any more perfect after I was beating myself up after turning down the long-term sub job?  It doesn't pay nearly as much, and hours vary week to week, but I figure I'll make enough to cover holiday expenses and maybe save a little too. I have a little orientation next Tuesday night, they're even providing dinner. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Back to my original point, because of the new job my free time will be a little more limited. Thus I am making the following adjustments to my personal challenge:

Instead of 1 item per day, I will be now aiming for 2 items per week. 

Please make note, and adjust your schedules accordingly.

Oh, and pretty soon I think I'm going to try a challenge something like Jules over at Pancakes and Frenchfries. (Like how I call her Jules, like we're friends or something? Nope, I don't know her. But she's one of those people that I imagine I could be friends with)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congratulations on your job. If the day had any more hours, I could use some work from home.
    I follow "Jules" also and really like her blog. I have the same funny thought about calling her Jules, but it would be silly to call her Julieta since she does not seem to go by her full name.


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