My scientific approach to crafting

Sounds silly I know, but it's true.  

You see, I'm totally left brained(for the most part).  Math and science are my fortes, and have been my entire life. My degree is in Biology (getting a lot of use out of that! lol), and so I approach most aspects of life very scientifically. It drives Hubs nuts sometimes. I am for the most part extremely organized, and I like to have everything in it's place.  No, I don't fold my underwear.

For example, I love to crochet. It works well for me because it involves patterns, counting, for the most part I don't need a ton of creativity when I do it aside from picking colors. Paper crafting and stamping is a little more out of my box.

So, when I decided I really wanted to focus on paper crafting I did like I would do for any other undertaking.  I set a goal, researched, gathered the necessary supplies, and made a game plan.  I had reached out to some big names in the world of paper crafting, and never really got a response, so I set off on my own. Here is what  I have learned over the past few weeks:

1. There are a lot of paper crafters out there. Whether it be scrap booking, home decor, card making. You name it, there is a lot of talent out there!

2. There are a lot of brands to choose from!  Here are the companies I fell in love with.  They have products that match my style, and have great reputations.
            - BasicGrey (Paper)
            - Cosmo Cricket (Paper)
            - American Crafts (Paper)
            - Echo Park (Paper)
            - Hero Arts (Stamps, Inks)
            - Papertrey Ink (Everything! Dies, stamps, ink, paper, embellishments)
            - Tim Holtz (Ink, Dies, other miscellanious products)
            - Lawn Fawn (Stamps)
            - Unity Stamp Co.

3. Most of these companies have Design Teams(DT) that showcase the versatility of products.  I would say I have a goal of one day being on a DT.

4. There are some great websites to support the craft
             - Two Peas in a Bucket
             - Split Coast Stampers

5. In addition to the obvious ink, paper, pictures, sticky stuff, there are other tools I have seen a lot of that seem to be a good idea to have:
              - Craft mat
              - Ink Blending tool
              - Paper distressing tool
              - Die cutting machine (pretty much cuts shapes/Punches
              - Ruler

6. The possibilities are seriously endless.

I have been hoarding supplies over the past few weeks. I am waiting for a few more boxes to arrive before my collection is complete. Once my last few things arrive I will take some pictures and share with you my treasures.

I've also made the executive decision that I'm we're going to be using all these things to make Christmas cards and presents this year. Whether it be little albums, shadowboxes, mini-calenders, etc.  I think the personal touch is a lot nicer than the usual gift card. Although, I'm not one to get sad about a gift card, unless it's to Wawa because I never go there. I've had 2 Wawa gift cards sitting in my wallet for the past 2 years.

So, my journey officially begins next week. I'm getting a little nervous.  I hope you will follow along to see my successes and failures. Maybe you'll learn something along the way too (most likely what NOT to do).  If nothing else I'm sure you'll get a good laugh.

If you are a seasoned paper crafter, I welcome any suggestions, critiques(not too harsh, k?), ideas.

PS- Why is it going to be 80 degrees today? I'm really really ready for Fall.


  1. i was just getting ready to respond to your email, but came to check out your blog again first ... now i feel bad that i didn't respond faster. lol! i love that you are going into this with a plan, and research and everything. that's dedication and excitement :)

  2. I just wanted to say...

    I fold my underwear.


    Seriously... why are you laughing?

  3. @ Laura, please don't feel bad! If you ever have time I'd still love to hear what you have to say :o)

    @ Ted, Well I used to fold it, but when the baby came I just didn't have as much time and something had to I have wrinkly underwear. So sad.

  4. Good luck in your paper crafting journey. I LOVE paper crafts. I love science too. I am a total geek. And a happy crafter. You can have both.

  5. Good to know I can have the best of both worlds, and I'm not the only geek out there!


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