Technology- 3 Danielle- 0

I woke up this morning, and sat down to eat breakfast with G. I picked up my phone to make a call and my Blackberry seriously felt like it was on fire. Like almost to hot to touch. I immediately took off the case, and flipped it face down onto the table hoping that would help. Wrong. After about 2 minutes of this it just went black.  I took out the battery and let everything cool for awhile.  Reassembled, pushed power, no luck. What did I do next? The obvious of course: Googled "Blackberry over heating".

Turns out I'm not the only one.  So I drive us over to Verizon. The gentlemen says its probably a faulty battery (I didn't think so b/c I've had this battery for 6 months and it's been fine), so he gives me a new one for free.  He put it in, pushed power and it started up. I was so happy! Until I got home and it was burning up and dead again. Ugh. I quit with the phone for today.

I started to upload some pictures and write a post about all this stuff I've crocheted over the past few weeks.  I do the whole thing, hit publish, and some error message pops up. When I signed back it there was no sign of the post. Seriously?

I had my orientation for my little job last night. They said they would be sending out a 'test text' sometime this week. You see, they way it works is kind of first come first serve. They send out a text when they need you to get online and do some work. The first few to respond get the job.  Guess what they did today?

Sent out a text.

Thank God the coffee maker was working.

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