Is it wrong?

A few weeks ago we had a lovely birthday party for G.  He got more presents than he will ever need!  Here are some of the ones we haven't even opened yet:

Quite honestly I don't think he needs allll of these at once. He already has more than he knows what to do with.  So my question is this, is it wrong to save some of these for Christmas? I feel kinda bad giving him toys someone else bought him for Christmas, not that he would ever know. Although, I feel like I'm just delaying the inevitable because I'm pretty sure I'll have a pile just as large come Christmas time. 

Speaking of Christmas.  I hear so many people complain about how stores 'rush the season' by setting up their Christmas displays before Halloween is even over.  I'm not going to lie, I LOVE IT. The holidays are my most absolute favorite time of the year.  I'm glad they get it started so early, gives me more time to enjoy it! Gets me in the spirit, and gives me an excuse to bake more often. So, yeah, I was happy when I went to Sears and saw some Christmas stuff already, bring it on!


  1. My children are also still young enough that they don't really know what they get for their birthday or Christmas. I usually let them open everything and, once they go to sleep, I sort out the presents into "use now", "use later", "return" or "give away." I had not thought about using the "use later" as a re-gift of sorts. I think the idea is brilliant!

  2. I love your idea of sorting! Will definitely be using that in the future.


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