Faux Stained Glass window

Hi there!

I'm here with a super fun card today that uses a great technique that is so easy to do!

I'm calling it Faux Stained-Glass Window.

I wanted to achieve a look similar to Stained-Glass. I took the large circle from the You + Me stamp set, and stamped it multiple times across the cardstock. I made sure to overlap the circles in several places.

Then I took my Distress Markers, a watercolour brush (well, a brush and some water) and an acrylic block. I then scribbled one colour onto the acrylic block (you could also use some acetate or even your non-stick craft mat). I picked up the colour onto my brush, and painted within various segments of the overlapping circles.

I tried to make sure not to 'paint' the same colour in two adjoining segments.

That's it! So easy and I really love the effect!

I hope you'll give it a try!

See you again soon :)


  1. This is wonderful...I'm totally inspired!

  2. Such a cool card! Love the colors! :)

  3. Very pretty! The colors seem to glow :D

  4. Thanks for a fun tech.....I'll have to try this with a smaller circle stamp for the moment.....

  5. Sounds like a nice relaxing technique with fabulous results. Win, win situation.


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