Halloween Mini-Card #2

The other day I made this cute little mini-card.  I wanted to use that Hero Arts set some more, so I made another mini-card using some of the different images.  I don't love it as much as the first, but I think it's still pretty cute.  Plus, I got to use some bling I have hoarded away.  I'm pretty sure I have rhinestones in every color and never use them (like a lot of other things). I'm not sure how I feel about the black pumpkin eyes and mouth.  It looked weird white, and I don't love it black. What would you have done? Gray maybe?

For now I am off to Starbuck's run to get some chai tea for Thursday night t.v.  I admit, I still watch Grey's Anatomy...anybody else?

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  1. Very cute! You could have tried the pumpkin's face yellow, like it had a light inside. I do still watch Grey's Anatomy, however I am DVRing it so that I can watch it later when I'm alone because hubby doesn't watch it anymore. So for now he is distracted by Star Wars on Blu-ray and I am at the craft desk :)

  2. So sweet Danielle! Love this set too

  3. I like the black pumpkin face. It ties in with your black sentiment nicely.

    Also, yes. I still watch Grey's Anatomy and I thought Derek was a giant d-bag tonight. I mean really? You are going to pick your work over your wife and kid? LAME. AND did you watch Jersey Shore?! DRAMA.

  4. Cute pumpkin. Definitely can't imagine white eyes & smile so am glad you went with black! Those sparkly clouds are perfect.

  5. Totally cute card! Love the black eyes on the pumpkin....could have used yellow maybe for a glowing effect! Enjoy your tea and TV :)


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