FREE InLinkz Link Manager!

Hello friends!

I am SO excited to be able to share this with you all. You know how I've been including thumbnails with links to my supplies like this:

Well that's all thanks to the InLinkz Link Manager.
It's a tool that allows you to store images and links to your supplies, and then create supply lists by simply dragging and dropping.  I was never consistent with supply lists until I was able to be a beta tester for this, and now it's a breeze! Here is a video by Kristina Werner to explain the basics

It's now out of the testing phases and available for public use for FREE until December. All you need is this coupon code:  38769491 

So go over to InLinkz, sign up and enjoy! :o)

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  1. Thanks, looks great ! Is it until 31 december or 1st december available ?


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