Isn't she just the sweetest?

This was my first try for a giraffe. Pretty pleased, next time I'm going to make the legs a little wider I think.  (I took this pic before I added the tail).  I'm going to try to alter my pattern a bit to make another more Christmasy creature...any guesses?

I've been crocheting up a storm again.  I need to get samples of everything ready to be photographed for my soon to be opening Etsy shop.  So far I've got hats done, a few animals, scarves, a blanket or two, and flowers. I'm pretty excited. I need to keep things simple so I can easily replenish my stock and fill more customized orders.

Tonight I'm going to stamp :o)  I've got a really cute idea for a card so I am hoping it works out.  This time I am going to take pictures through my entire process so you can get the full effect! 


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