Sock Bombs

I know I know, what's a sock bomb you ask? Well, I am glad I can enlighten you.  I just learned of sock bombs the other night.

At some point in the wee hours of Sunday morning I vaguely recall the Hubs yelling at Lucy to be quiet.  The poor thing snores up a storm most nights, and it wakes Hubs up because he claims it sounds like his phone alarm vibrating.

We wake up Sunday morning and Hubs is complaining about how he woke up at 3am to Lucy snoring and couldn't get back to sleep. He said he doesn't like to yell at her because it will wake me up (very true), so he has a supply of sock bombs to do the job now.  Needless to say I gave him a puzzled look, so he reached under his pillow and pulled out a handful of these babies.  Sock bombs!

So essentially it is a sock tied in a knot.  His plan is to toss it into Lucy's bed when she is snoring to get her to wake up and stop. He called it 'a silent solution'.  Pretty clever.  The only flaw in his plan is that Lucy loves socks and loves to hoard them even more.  I have a feeling he may regret this plan if he ever hopes to have matching socks.

Update: I stole one of the sock bombs and threw it at Babs when he was acting like a nutball while I was trying to catch a quick nap. Success!


  1. LOL! I just figured out that Lucy is your dog....LOL!

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