Shutterfly = Lifesaver

Am I exaggerating? No way.

Last year I was a new mom with a 2 month old baby when I realized I hadn't even thought of Christmas cards. In years past I had spent a night or two writing them out, but now my time was precious (aka I wasn't about to spend time I could be sleeping writing cards.)  Then I had a genius idea to just order cards from Shutterfly...

and then I ordered personalized calenders, mugs, and magnets too.  So in one sweep I was able to shop for cute gifts for our parents (b/c you know they only want stuff with baby G on it now), and get my Christmas cards done!  Plus they were super cute since they were holiday photo cards with our little family picture. Hubs actually got me this gorgeous canvas print of G through them. It's huge and hangs in our living room and everyone loves it. People always think we must have had it done at some fancy schmancy place and spent a ton of money, but nope...Shutterfly!

I actually print all my pictures through Shutterfly, and we even did G's first birthday party invitations through them.  These were the ones I used:

No this is not the actual invite, no this is not G!

I am definitely using them again this year, it's so easy and they always look great. I'm leaning towards these styles, but they have a huge selection of holiday cards.

So if you are looking for some cute gifts, or want to save your hands from cramping definitely check them out!

Also, Shutterfly is having an awesome promotion. If you have a blog click HERE to sign up for their free holiday cards promotion. 

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