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Today I'm back again with another fun twist (pun intended!) on creating some interactive tags that are perfect for a kid's birthday party. Last month I brought you shaker tags, this month I'm doing spinner tags! 

The centrepiece of each one is a cute coloured image that is suspended in a little window cut into the tag. That allows him to spin around as though he's doing a little happy dance! I tell you, Judah has not stopped playing with these since I made them so I can vouch that the kids will love them!

I made four different examples to show you today, each with it's own little variation, because I guess I couldn't stop playing with this idea either! And I wanted to show you how you can make this work for various size little creatures.

I started off by making the tag with the dog. He's from Puppy's Favourite Things stamp set and I just love that you can choose from a number of different objects to tuck into his paws. This time I went with the cupcake. I also made a little party hat for him, but when I popped it on his head he was too big to spin around in the circle frame I'd cut, so it became a decoration over the sentiment instead.

Next I made the turtle tag, this time knowing his party hat would have plenty of room! However, what I didn't originally appreciate is that the turtle (unlike the other images I chose) is a bit unbalanced. Meaning, his largest area is his shell and birthday cake, but that doesn't run up the centre of the image, and so if I were to adhere the spinner string here he might just keep toppling over. But the solution was simple - I just stuck him onto a smaller disc of cardstock and strung this up instead. Now it spins perfectly!

Next up was the monkey tag. Both the monkey and the turtle are from the Wild Ones stamp set. The monkey is carrying a balloon which makes him quite a tall image, so instead of cutting a circle window I cut an oval one so he would fit. And since this didn't leave me any room on the tag for a sentiment, I stamped it directly onto the balloon instead!

And lastly there's that cute little monster from the latest release stamp set aptly called Little Monster! In my video today I'll show you how I made this one from start to finish so that you can go ahead and make your own versions! I'll also share my solutions for what to do with the back of the image since you're obviously going to see that when it spins around ;-)


Classic Tags 2 Die Set
Little Monster Stamp Set
Little Monster Nice and Neat Dies
Puppy's Favourite Things Stamp Set
Puppy's Favourite Things Nice and Neat Dies
Wild Ones Stamp Set
Wild Ones Nice and Neat Dies

I hope you'll give this technique a try. It's quite easy, and so much fun!


  1. so much fun!!!

  2. Not just kids but grown ups will also playing with them ! They are cute n fun !

    1. Ha ha!! It's true... I've spent a bit of time spinning them just for fun too! ;-)

  3. These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh wow! That's super fun! Awesome creations!

    1. Thank you!! I clearly had a lot of fun making them.... that's why there's 4!! LOL!

  5. What a great job ! These tags are really cute !


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