Getting to Know You Blog Hop!

Hello friends! Starting off your Monday with a fun, different sort of post!

I was tagged by my sweet friend, Chari Moss, to do a little "getting to know me" post. So today I will do my best to answer some crafty questions!

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?
Lots of top secret stuff :x hehe!  We are just beginning our September release today so I have lots of new goodies I am playing with! I also just received our October release samples and have started inking them up :)

2. What inspires your designs?
Oh gosh, what doesn't? I would say I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram these days by using the "Explore" feature.  I also really like Pinterest when I need a good jump start. It's just so easy to type in something like "pumpkins" and get endless inspiration! And clothes - so many fun patterns and images!

3. What method or process do you apply to each of your creative projects and how long does each project take to complete?
As far as method I always start with sketching out some rough ideas.  Once I have a relatively good idea, I sit down and get to work! While I might have a sketch of the layout I still need to decide on colors/patterns which takes me FOREVER sometimes, but that is what I find fun! While my style is CAS, that often proves challenging because there are so few elements that everything needs to work, otherwise it will be pretty noticeable! As far as how long, hours. Even though I sit down to make 1 card it usually leads to lots of ideas for other cards and I get sidetracked very easily. Plus my cards rarely look my original sketch when I finish ;)

4. If you had to describe your 'signature' style what would it be?
Definitely clean and simple, sometimes collage style.

5. What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?
Three? Seriously? I need foam dimensionals, scissors, and addition to stamps, ink, adhesive, enamel dots, etc. etc. etc. ;)

So now it's my turn to tag a few people to play!

Anna Kossakovskaya - Anna is another Neat and Tangled team member! She has such a wonderful positive energy and knocks every project out of the park! 


  1. Yay Danielle! LOVE reading more about you!

  2. It is so fun getting a peek inside your creativity, Danielle. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love reading those posts! its so fun to get to know you a bit better! And I too start by sketching my idea down first.
    thanks, Danielle!


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