Card in Collage Style

Hello everyone,

it's Christine. :)

Today I'd like to talk about collage style cards. I think many of them look so cool -- but I have a hard time putting them together.
Well, I still tried it today, hehe:

I thought that for the collage style I'd need:
  • different embellishments
  • different layers
  • a nice color combo
  • a focal point
I used the Punchinella Background Stamp to  have a graphic, yet colorful background.
My layers are the tag and the girl from Gift for you, but I made sure to add more images (the cake and the tiny heart-speechbubbles. For embellishments I used some ribbon, floss and sequins in Tangerine to add a second color.
I think I need more of all the small scrapbooking-supplies for the collage style. It looks so cool when others create something simple but full of detail!
What are your favorite supplies for collage-style cards? Do you have any pinterest boards that could be helpful for me? I'd love to know - thank you!

Have a nice day!

PunchinellaGifts for You

Tangerine Satin Sequins


  1. oh wow this is so awesome.. i love it

  2. Amazing card!! Loooooove collage style cards!! I also have a hard time pulling them off!! You rocked this though!! And love that punchella!!

  3. Such a pretty card! Love the colors!

  4. I adore this card...such awesome colors!

  5. So sweet ! loved the layers n graphic bg !


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