Neat and Tangled Sequin Series: Wired Sequin Gift Set

Hi everyone! It's Taheerah here from - so good to see you!! Welcome to the next installment of Sequin Series! Hasn't this been the best thing ever?! I love N&T sequins *so* much and am so honoured to be a part of this series!!

So for my contribution I decided to combine a few different colours of N&T sequins with a a simple household/hardware item - copper wire! And the results are truly spectacular:

Isn't this gift set just the coolest thing ever?!

Creating this effect is super-easy. All I did was cut some lengths of wire and thread through the sequins individually, wrapping and threading the wire through repeatedly to keep each sequin in place. Simple!

Once I had a long enough length I wrapped it around a simple white gift box I had made. Such a great alternative to ribbon or other embellishments!! And as the wire is very bendable I didn't need to use any adhesive to secure it in place - making this simple box and embellishment reusable and very stylish too!!

I didn't stop with just the box. I decided to use a shorter length of wired sequins and wrap them about a gift tag to accompany the box. As the wired sequins steal the show there's no need for any fancy decorating of the box or the tag!

And no gift set is complete without a cute little card to accompany it! I created this teeny (2.5" x 2.5") little card in a very simple style, again with my wired sequins carrying the theme, and a simple sentiment. I think together they make for such a high-end, boutique look!

I do hope you'll be tuning in for the final day of this series tomorrow, and that you've been left inspired by all the different ways you can use 'The New Rhinestone'!! Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. absolutely beautiful! i would make bracelets like this...gorgeous!

  2. WOW.... these are beautiful!!! You rock sequins... i cant wait to play mine!!! hugs...x

  3. Super cute and I LOVE this color combo!!!!

  4. How gorgeous!! and what a brilliant idea!

  5. Terrific idea, beautiful set, and I really like the little touches of pink :)


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