Would you believe it?

I had every intention of cardin' it up tonight after I put the baby to bed. Let me tell you a tale of why that didn't come close to happening.

Hubby had some baseball clinics he was doing tonight, so I was flying solo giving little G a bath and putting him to bed (usually the hubs does this).  So let me set the stage...

I was really really really tired. G has some molars coming in, so he was up from like 2am-3:30 am screaming last night. (Thank God for Tylenol). Then I had one of those really horrible dreams that I awoke from thinking it was real and totally jacked on adrenaline. By some weird sort of baby magic that I don't understand yet, G was able to wake up bright eyed and happy as can be at his usual 7:30 am despite the rough night of sleep. Needless to say, it was a very fun and eventful day (including a trip to AC Moore!), but man I was pooped when bath time rolled around.

I got everything all ready, pj's, socks, diaper, lotions, toothbrush, story book...it was looking good. I had my Blackberry set up on the floor where I sit with Pandora running so we could listen to some tunes, I plopped the little guy in his tub which looks something like this:
(Before you ask, no, that is not G, it's the baby from the Amazon ad) So he's all happy in the tub when things take a turn for the worse.  He stops moving. He stops breathing. Panic sweeps over me because I know exactly where this is going, and for the first time in 15+ months he poops in the tub. I quickly scoop him out of the tub, clean him up, and turn my attention to the tub situation. I wasn't really sure what to do so I scooped the poop, and then dumped the water out into the big tub, let it drain, and began to clean. I kept glancing over my shoulder at the little dude as he stood very quietly and watched. Just as I was finishing all this cleaning I thought that it was strange that he was so quiet. I glanced at him, saw that he was standing directly in front of my phone which was on the floor.  I looked down at my phone and found it soaking in a puddle of pee. At first I had hopes that it was just water that was dripping from him, but no, it was as if my phone had a target on it.  At this point he is done doing his business and starts to run around grabbing everything (pjs, socks, lotion, etc.).  Meanwhile, I'm trying to save my phone before the pee seeps into the cracks and short circuits the thing. In the 10 seconds I am turned around getting a paper towel, G manages to pull about 75% of the toilet paper off the roll. Seriously it was like a circus in the bathroom. G was laughing and so was I. Probably the best bath time he's ever had! 

After I managed to re-roll most of the toilet paper, I got him back in the tub. 

He peed again before I even got the tub half full. Drain, rinse, repeat.

 As crazy as it gets sometimes, I love every minute. I'll probably never forget tonight, or how when we were both so exhausted after our bath time extravaganza we just cozied up in a rocking chair for a nice long story and nodded off together.

I spent the rest of my night on the couch watching You've Got Mail
I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Oh you poor thing, but it is hilarious!

  2. I think that was the most hysterical story that you have told, thanks for making me laugh tonight, I could just see the whole scene played out. I could only just imagine how exhausted you felt after the event and what better way to spend a night snuggle up on the lounge watching what I have to say one of my all time fav movie. hugs!

  3. Whoa, I was stressed out just reading that, lol! So cute! Will make for a very laughable memory in the future!

  4. You've Got Mail covers all manner of frustrations at the end of the day.

  5. Yikes! Aren't boys fun??! I have 2 sons and although they are grown adults now, I still remember all the mischief they would get into. I always had lots of stories to entertain my co-workers on Monday mornings!! You could write a book!
    Hope you get a good sleep tonight!!


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