Looooong Weekend

So hubs had off Thursday and Friday because of snow.  I'm not complaining!

We swung by Michael's today since I had a coupon.  We are going to finish our basement and I am going to be getting my very own craft room. I really can't contain myself. I seriously think about it almost every minute of every day.  I bought this book to help me get some ideas.

AMAZING. I  only wish they would tell me where I could find all this stuff.  I picked up a few Jetmax things from Michael's...they were already on sale for 40% off. Can't beat that. I got these (see below), plus a magnetic board, and a ribbon rack.  Pretty sweet deal. I wanted to get everything, but instead I exhibited some very impressive self control (especially since husband said "Get whatever you want").

While we work on getting the basement finished, which is a major undertaking, I need to at least get my crafting stuff somewhat organized because right now it is disastrous.  Come back tomorrow for a longer post about my organization woes as well as some seriously scary photos!

For now I am off to get my butt kicked...Jillian Michael's workout DVD's are worth every penny. 

I have been using them almost religiously for about 3 weeks now and am so happy with the results.  What I am more happy about is the fact that we were able to cancel our gym membership and save ourselves some major $$.  I am also looking forward to Spring so I can get back to running/doing anything outside. I had a slight slip up this weekend when I baked banana chocolate chip muffins and ate about 23 of them...

Til tomorrow my friends!


  1. How fun! I use our spare bedroom as my craft room, and I love it! I don't have much storage space because the bed takes up so much room, but I make do. Just walking by the door makes me happy.

    You'll love having your own space. And painting and decorating and arranging everything just the way you want it is the most fun!

  2. How exciting to be getting your own craft room. You will have to give us video updates of your progress :)

    Yum... banana chocolate chip muffins.

  3. So looking forward to seeing your new craft room, cannot wait, please do a video share.

    Great to hear that you got time with hubby, sounds like you had a great time.

    Perhaps you need to come to Australia and make me do boot camp, LOL.



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