Winter Wonderland

Just popping in real quick to share some pictures of our morning

I love that the forecast called for rain all day, changing over to snow this evening.  Well, it's only 11:30 am and we already have a good 3-4 inches I'd say.

Also, these cute flower embellishments are now available in my shop.  They come in colors that match 27 (no Pinefeather or Blueberry Sky) of the 29 colors in the PTI color spectrum. Right now you can scoop up a set of 24 (1 of each color), each day I'll add sets of individual colors for purchase (takes a little time to do the listings!). I can also always do a custom order if you're looking for something special.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hubby has a snow day tomorrow...means lots of time for crafting.


  1. Wonderful flowers, Danielle! I'll have to order some soon! Wow, that snow is gorgeous . . . I hope you get your crafting day!

  2. Hey Danielle, I actually just ordered two spools of wrinkle ribbon at your Etsy store. I didn't pay yet though, because I was wondering if you could add in one of your crocheted flowers! They're so pretty, but I've never used them before, so I'd like to try one out before I purchase more. I'm thinking a pale yellow or cream if you've got either available. Let me know the total or send me a paypal invoice when you're ready. My etsy username is Whimsies Boutique, from when I had my own shop there. :o)
    Thanks! Love your style!

  3. Those flowers are adorable! I need to see them on a card....soon! :)


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