Moon Magic in Pencils with Mindy Eggen

Welcome everyone! It's Mindy Eggen here with you today. I'm sharing something a little different. Today's card is actually a work-in-progress. One thing I hardly ever do is use colored pencils. I normally don't use them because they take so long to color an image but it's an area I want to explore a little more. We all have to start somewhere and I wanted to share with you the start of my journey.

I am coloring the image from Moon Magic with blues/greens Polychromos pencils onto Kraft card stock. You actually should use a card stock with a little more tooth to it so the pencil has something to grab onto but I wanted to experiment with Kraft.

I finished the image itself after a couple layers of coloring but I still want to add in color around.

I just wanted to share because coloring in any medium takes time and practice. The more you do it, the more you understand how the colors work. One thing I really do love about colored pencils is how you can get into the tiniest of areas. You also don't have to worry about bleeding outside of the lines or through the card stock. 

I hope you enjoyed my work-in-progress and it encourages you to try something new ! 


  1. Mindy I love your butterfly. I too am not good with pencils because I don't practice. I have Prismacolors. So what paper would be good for pencils? You say something with more tooth so watercolor paper?

  2. Mindy this is fabulous, love the blended layers. I used to colour lots with pencil crayons but for some reason the stopped. Seeing this rallies me to get them back out. Thank you for sharing gorgeous work x Stay safe, healthy and happy x

  3. Your "work-in-progress" is beautiful, Mindy! I can't wait to see your finished product. I too like colored pencils for the reasons you mention. The more I practice, the better the results, and the more I like them.


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