Pleasant surprise

The other day I posted on Facebook : "There's no chocolate in the did I let that happen??" To which my husband replied, "There are chocolate chips!"  I should have been more specific and said there was no GOOD chocolate left in the house.  I usually have something!

So yesterday morning, while G and I were eating breakfast, the hubby showed up with these goodies for me.  I'm a pretty lucky lady.

You may not be able to tell but, both bags of chocolates are already open.

Oh and here's a beauty of a picture.  Does this make you want to cry? It makes me want to have an anxiety attack.  Only another week and a half before the basement is complete and I can sort this mess out and get back to crafting!

I have to climb over boxes and junk to get to my table...waaaaaahhhhhh. Not to mention my camera has been taking horribly grainy pictures.  I'll have to look at the settings...that's what I get for letting G play with it.

On the crafting front, I did just order some molds from Mold Muse on etsy. I had been thinking about it for a while, and after seeing Christy's post the other day I just had to have them.  I have some clay, so I figured that would be something I could easily do at the kitchen table.  Eventually I'd like to try the molds with resin, but it's a little pricey so I'm going to see how my clay ones turn out first.

Did anyone watch Real Housewives of New Jersey last night?? I haven't yet, but DVR'd it.  Little does my husband know he will be watching it with me tonight.


  1. What a sweet hubby! Your flowers are beautiful. And Dove chocolates? Yum! When you start to stress about what your craft room looks like, close the door and envision how nice your new space will be! It's going to be great!

    Thanks for the shout-out, by the way! Glad I tipped you over the edge into buying Mold Muse! They're fun and so easy to work with. You'll have a blast. Even G could probably help. He's got small fingers to push the clay in! And speaking of G, wow, he's getting big!

  2. Gorgeous flowers and can't wait to see your neww craft space :)


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