A Healthy Treat

Just kidding, this is my no means a healthy treat.

I have been wanting to make cinnamon rolls from scratch for years now, so I figured today was a good day.  Hubby is home, and we are cooking out tomorrow with family so I can give some away since the recipe I'm using makes about a bazillion of them.

First I had to stop by Kitchen and Company to get a silicone mat to roll my dough out on.  My husband said, "Why can't you just roll it out on the counter?".  I just gave him my, "Really?" look.  He knows the germophobe in me would never do that, no matter how clean I scrub them.

This is definitely an all afternoon even since you have 2 steps that require you to let mixtures sit for an hour.  I had no problem with this, I did laundry, drank coffee, and played in the new little pool we got for the backyard.

The recipe is from here, The Pioneer Woman. A lot of people raved about the recipe so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm not going to retype it here, just click the link if you'd like to see it. I did take photographs along the way...
Scalding the milk and oil (ew)

Adding yeast

Lots of flour

All mixed up

So good for you!

Ready to roll (literally)

I couldn't take a picture of me actually rolling these because it was too messy


Hello my pretties

UPDATE: So, we've had time to test these. The consensus was that these are like crack.  I've never actually tried crack, but I can't stop eating these, so I imagine it's similar. They were the first thing I thought of (and ate) this morning.  Husband actually asked me to NOT make these again because he can't resist them, and he saw how much sugar, oil, and butter went into these. I gave away one tin to the neighbors, and another to my mom and sister.  One more is going to my in-laws. We already ate one tin. We have one left....for now.


  1. LOVE Pioneer Woman and all her buttery goodness. I read her book From High Heels to Tractor Wheels and because I read her blog, the book was just such a sweet and happy book to read!

  2. Yum! Can you send some to me please :)

  3. I can almost smell them!! They look delish!!

  4. These look like a lot of work.....but soooo worth it....oh my....

  5. They look delicious! I may try these, though I probably shouldn't!


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