I could cry

I am so happy I could cry, although it doesn't take much these days with all the pregnancy hormones going on.

The basement is DONE. I made the husband take a half day today so we could go to Ikea and pick up some stuff to get the decorative/furniture side of things moving down there ASAP.  We still have our final inspection next Tuesday, but the house is QUIET. No banging, sawing, sanding. Nothing. Just listening to the sweet sound of Sesame Street while I sip on my (decaf) coffee in my pajamas.  I haven't been able to do this for the past 2 1/2 months. Of course Lucy had to go and mess up my perfect morning by throwing up on G's rug, but I can never expect a day to go 100% smoothly.

I'm going downstairs to snap a few pictures now, and will post later this afternoon with my purchases from Ikea.  Thanks for all your suggestions about using photobucket for my photos! Will be doing that from now on.

The only downside is that the smell of new carpet is nauseating, and since it's the basement it's not like I can open up all the windows to air it out.  Of course I made the mistake of Googling "carpet fumes when pregnant" and after reading for a few minutes was reading to check into a hotel until the smell subsides.  I'm pretty 'green' when it comes chemicals in the house (especially with G around now).  I only use the all natural stuff, or good old vinegar.  I do have some Lysol wipes and bleach, but those rarely get used.  Needless to say reading about all these VOC's has me a bit paranoid.  

Okay, well I am off to print my Ikea shopping list and patiently wait for husband to get home. For whatever reason he thinks that we are only going to be there for like an hour, hahahahahahahahahaha. I keep trying to explain to him the wonders of Ikea, but he just isn't getting it.


  1. Bwhahaha!

    ...an hour at Ikea!

    I'm still laughing!

    Congrats on the remodel completion!

  2. Bless. You're gorgeous. Congrats!

  3. I have never been to Ikea. The closest one is over an hour away, but I've been planning a vacation there for the past several months. It's only a matter of time.

  4. Yeah! So glad you're nearing the end of a long remodelling project. We've done major projects and it is always so disruptive.
    A day at IKEA is a great way to finish it all as well! Have fun!!

  5. Yay, yay, yay! So happy for you! It's going to be all worth it now that it's done. Can't wait to see it and hear all about your trip to Ikea! Wish we had one around here!

  6. Yay! So glad to hear it's complete. Now you can have fun decorating the basement (if you have the energy). Oh, and IKEA is 2 hours minimum, of course. :)


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