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We are nearing the end with our basement renovations!@!##$!!  Now it is just minor finishing work like trim, painting doors, carpet, and furniture.  The husband and I have already chosen furniture for the main family room area, but I still need to get a few things for my room.

Here are some tables from Ikea I have been eyeing up.  I already have a small table I stamp on, but what I need is a sewing table. Something I can put my cutting mat and sewing machine on.  Let me know what you think!

This is the one I am leaning towards, the VIKA AMON/ VIKA ANNEFORS from Ikea.  It would provide me with a large table space to have my sewing machine on one half, and cutting mat on the other.  When I am not cutting, I can put my laptop up there and use it as my office as well, plus it has room for storage on each side.
Only downside:  It's quite long (about 6'6"), so I'm going to tape it out on the floor to see what I'm left with.  Also, I wish it wasn't entirely white.

This was my second choice.  The VIKA AMON/VIKA ANNEFORS . Very similar to the first, but smaller and has the wood which I like.
I also liked this one, almost a combination of the two. 

I for sure am going to pick up these shelves. I saw some of them on Jessica's blog, and knew they were perfect for my room! (Lack shelf and lack walls shelf unit)

I also spied these pretties (Salong vases).  I think they will fit nicely with the color scheme I have planned.  I'll try to get some pictures of the progress so far, but my camera is currently m.i.a, so no promises.

So let me know what you think about the tables, or if you have any other suggestions!

In other news, I am itching to get this baby's room started, which can't happen until 1. the basement is finished (to move everything out) and 2. we find out the sex.  We find out in a few weeks so I am very excited/impatient. At first I thought it might be fun for this one to be a surprise...but then my Type A personality kicked in and I panicked thinking about how hard it would be to prepare if I didn't know. What color would I paint the room? What kind of furniture? What about clothes? Toys? Just too many unknown things for me to lay and worry about all night long. 


  1. Love the table with the wood top. I feel like that would be craft-friendly too. And I'm with you about finding out the sex. I needed to know so I could plan everything! No surprises please :)

  2. I'm digging desk option number 3.

  3. Loved seeing your table options - all look great. Can't wait to see the end result of all the renovations :)

  4. I tend to spread out when I'm sewing or crafting, so if I had the space I would definitely choose #1. I also love all the storage on the 2 end. If space is limited, #3 would be my next choice. I do like the wood top as well. Good luck with your renovating/decorating projects.

  5. First, you will get a million people telling/giving you advice about having babies. This is YOUR baby and no one else's so do what you think is right for yourselves. But, also recognize you are not the first to ever have a baby and sometimes they might actually help you or know something to help you out. So, I am about as Type A, organized and planned out as they come (I already have Christmas partly planned for *this* year!)... but babies are the only true surprise... just saying :). I did Winnie the Pooh with blue on top half of the wall for sky and sage green on bottom half for grass (hundred acre woods) and the wallpaper border split the colors perfectly. I did it that way twice... and I actually think the docs/nurses were as excited as we were about the surprise.

    Now, onto your table... I love the wood top, but I, too like to spread out. Also, so glad you showed those shelves! I'm going to be starting a redo for a craft room soon and those will be perfect! :)

  6. Fab choices as any would be lovely. But my table vote goes to the first/ longer table. I think if it fits, you'll be glad of the extra room. My two cents for what it's worth. ;-)

  7. You will never complain about having too much work space. I vote #1!

  8. If it were me, I'd go with #3. It's still got lots of workspace, has lots of storage, which is a huge plus for me, and will still give you space in the room for other things (or room to grow if need be).

    OR, I would go with #1 and just paint the top.

    Love the shelves, and love, love the vases! I'm excited to see it all done! I know it's been a long time coming. And since I can't create the perfect crafty space for myself right now, I'm living vicariously through you. ;o)

    And I totally get the wanting to know the gender thing. I had to know all three times I was pregnant. It's like, this little person living inside me is already such a mystery, I need to know everything about him/her that I can. Gender is just one more clue as to who they're going to be, you know? Plus, I wanted to decorate and buy clothes and be all ready so that when they finally came, I could just enjoy the wonder-filled "getting to know you" first few weeks without having to think about any of that other stuff. But that's just me. :o)


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