Sometimes I get so frustrated with people.  Like when I am at the mall and people give me dirty looks as I try to carefully maneuver my stroller without knocking anything over, or at the grocery store when I appear invisible to people, when the person just lets the door close behind them instead of helping a momma with a stroller out, just the general thoughtlessness (is that a word??).  I have always dreamed of moving to some small town where people are helpful and polite, and have a general goodness in their heart.

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, so when I encounter these scrooges it just makes me sad. Last week was particularly filled with curmudgeons.  But just when I needed it something awesome happened.

Last month I signed up for a little holiday swap at PTI. I don't really know any of these women (or Ted!) personally since it is an online forum and I am fairly new to the community.  So when my package arrived and I opened it I was speechless.  I had mentioned to Amy that I did not have any of the new colors, and I was lacking in the patterned paper department. I knew I would love anything I got, but I was really moved by the generosity of Amy.  Here are a few (poor quality b/c I took them at night) pictures:

All kinds of twine!

Samples of button and ribbon in all the newer colors!

A stamp set, coordinating die, and doilies!

Pens that I can alter!

Some of her own handmade tags!

So many types of cardstock - even shimmer!

A ton of patterned papers!
There was also a stamp pad and a beautiful card which I forgot to photograph...but I think you get the idea.

My in-laws were over when I received the package, so it was torture waiting for them to leave so I could open it. A few hours later when they did I was just blown away.  Hubs found me sniffling over my craft table and asked me if I was okay.  He too was impressed with my gift.  I just was so happy, not necessarily because of the quantity (although I have so many wonderful new supplies now!), but because of how thoughtful and generous the gift was.  It made me realize that there are still just generally kind and good people out there.

I immediately put some of the supplies to use, like the pretty pastel paper from my Sew Lovely card.

This weekend was so busy I hardly had time to craft, but tonight I am going to finish up a little thank you gift for Amy.

I can't wait to be able to use my new supplies to pay it forward.


  1. Wow....what a great Christmas gift. Have fun playing with your new goodies.

  2. Awww... that's so sweet! It really is a great community over there at the Papertrey forum- everyone helps everyone else out and they're all generous to an extreme! Such a great gift and a great reminder to be thankful and giving! Thanks for sharing your treats!

  3. You're SO welcome, Danielle! I honestly had such fun putting it together. I'm so glad you enjoyed opening it. It's always fun receiving a box of surprise goodies! I hope these supplies provide you with many additional happy crafting hours! Merry Christmas!!

  4. What a WONDERFUL gift Danielle! Enjoy your GOODIES!!! :) Happy Holidays!

  5. Fabby goodies from Miss Amy~~ I bet you are going to make some real goodies with this package....... the only thing missing was the yoga pants :) We just moved from NYC the center of people slamming the door in your face with a stroller or sitting in a crosswalk and you are walking with one in a baby bjorn and 2 in a stroller and it is freaking freezing cold outside..... now we are in that small town in NC and I think I was here 10 minutes before my neighbor brought over chocolate cake ....... come visit you will stay!!!

  6. What a great package you received. Love all the pictures. Bet it was fun to open.

  7. Wow, what a generous gift! I'm glad you received it and that it/the gesture made you so happy!

  8. What a generous gift, and it is awesome that you received it when you needed it the most.

  9. Amen to that sister! I feel the same way - get the same dirty looks (me & my stroller - TRYING NOT TO KILL YOU IS REALLY BOTHERING YA HUH!?!?!?) and crazy people all over the place. It's really nice when someone hooks you up. What a kind gesture! Amy MUST rock!! It's really nice how sometimes, when were really stressed, these kinds of blessings come our way. Have fun playing with your goodies :) and have a great day!!!


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