The Furminator


Can I tell you how much my animals shed?  It's ridiculous. Like I vacuum and a minute later I see fluffy fur tumbleweeds rolling down the hall.  I can't stand it.  I also hate it when I have Fred's white hair all over a nice dark sweater.  It's also a pain because my mom and sister are allergic to Lucy, and my mother in law is allergic to Fred and Babs.  I myself am sensitive to Fred, but not Babs. I know, it's weird that I am allergic to one cat but not the other.

In my quest to reduce fur and allergens I will try any product on the market. It's usually hit or miss with how well they work.  I have the Eureka Power Paw attachment for my vacuum and I swear it's the best thing around.

But I needed to find something a little more preventative. I actually considered shaving the cats, but after doing a little research it's apparently inhumane blah blah blah(kidding!! I would never really shave them). So much for that. So I went to my favorite site for this stuff, Achoo Allergy, and started browsing.   I found two things of interest.

1.  Pet Brush Vacuum attachment - You pretty much put this on your vacuum and vacuum your pets.
Decided against this because all of the gang hates the vacuum and it didn't get great reviews.

2. Furminator Deshedding Tool - Simply use it to brush your pets

This seemed reasonable and easy enough, although the price tag was almost a deterrent. I saw that they had it on sale at my local Petco so I picked it up, came home, and immediately used it on Fred and Babs. 

Okay, I should have taken a picture, but I am pretty sure they both weigh about 10 pounds less.  THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I wish I had spent the money along time ago on this baby, I  am pretty sure this is going to save me from having to vacuum every hour day.

If you are annoyed with pet hair like myself I highly recommend both the Power Paw vacuum attachment and the Furminator.  Plus, if you have a husband like mine, he'll love walking around saying "the furminator" in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.


  1. Really? Maybe I have a cat or two (or three) that will be getting one of those for Christmas.
    Leather furniture, hardwood floors and my Swiffer are my best friends.

  2. I laughed out loud when I read your post. Sadly no more pets in our house but I sure remember those shedding days...

  3. Aaaahahahaha the furminator! Yes, my husband would do the same!

  4. The Furminator is so awesome- we have a golden and a german shepherd- don't know how I would live without it!


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