Crafting with Compassion Update + Challenge Winners!

Hello friends!

I'm writing today to give you an update on our Crafting with Compassion Fundraiser! To date, from the proceeds of our Celebrate You stamps and Celebrate You dies combined with generous donations, we have raised $5300.  Our first check is on it's way to the Burning Limb Foundation!  In addition to the monetary help, I know we reached a lot of people - spreading information about CRPS, The Neurologic Relief Center, and spreading hope!

While my update is wonderful, it comes in the wake of tragedy. Sadly last week the CRPS community lost a 15 year old girl, Elle Seidon, when she took her own life after suffering with CRPS for 3 years. Because of lack of knowledge, she was under the impression that this was how the rest of her life would be, and had no knowledge of The Neurologic Relief Center, and that healing was actually possible. This just makes me even more determined to spread the word and continue to raise awareness and funds to support as many people as we can in getting the treatment they so desperately need. If you can, please consider donating to The Burning Limb Foundation - they have set up a memorial grant fund in honor of Elle.

Thank you for your support in my mission and thank you for helping make a difference!

Next I want to announce the winners of our latest Neat and Tangled Throwdown Challenge! The winners will receive a prize pack of Neat and Tangled goodies, plus I will be making a donation to the charity of their choosing. While going through the link ups, and reading all of the beautiful posts I realized it would be nearly impossible to choose only 3 winners when you all shared your hearts with causes that have such meaning to you. If you participated in the challenge, please email me as you will all be winners.

Thank you all again!


  1. Wow! I'm happy for the great success of your fundraiser, Danielle!!! You have a good and big heart! And you're so genereous too!
    Congrats to all the winners!!!

    I'm so sad for Elle... : (

  2. Such a big heart and so generous Danielle! I'm so happy at the success of your fundraiser, such a great community crafters are!

  3. Great to about the fundraising Danielle! Congratulations! Wish many more people get the awareness! So sorry for Elle :|

  4. Wow! Thanks for making us winners. You are so generous! I’m happy for the success of your fundraising as well.

  5. Oh my...i am so sorry to hear about young girl 😢 but at the same time I would like to congrats you for raising so much money❤ When I read the post I knew I have to participate in the challenge, and when I read we are all winners...I was beyond happy ❤ thank you for your generosity. It really means a lot to me

  6. Danielle, You are the kindest! Thank you so much for your generosity

    So sorry to hear about Elle. Can't imagine what her family must be going through.

  7. Awesome outcome for your fundraiser, I was very happy to learn about CRPS which is the bigger umbrella of my grandaughter's condition, which is AMPS. So excited to be a winner!

  8. Thank you for teaching us all about this condition, about the Relief Centre nad its work...for everything you have done. So grateful to have bene a small part of building that total and s grateful for kind people like you!


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