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There are two things that I love most about stamps and dies and stencils. One is the absolute endless possibilities they give and the other is that they don't ever 'run out'. So once you've invested in a few products you really have no limit to the amount of different projects you can create. And of course, I'm not just talking about card making! Your Neat and Tangled products work just as well on scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, notebooks, Bible journaling, home decor projects, you name it!

Today I was inspired to create a spread in my Travelers Notebook documenting a phase Shiloh went through as she was teething. First she developed her two middle teeth on the bottom, and then she sprouted her top incisors next. She looked like a little vampire! And keeping in mind I was still breastfeeding at this stage, so it was slightly frightening! LOL! 

Now I know there are all ranges of 'normal' out there, but my other 3 kids had done the standard thing of growing all their middle teeth first, so this was something a little unusual for me. Wondering if my baby was some kind of freak, I turned to the font of all wisdom.... and asked my Instagram followers what they thought ;-) You all reassured me that plenty of your babies had done the same thing and so maybe it wasn't so weird after all!

Anyway, it was still a story worth documenting and I had the ideal stamp set in mind to help me tell it. I figured the toothy chompy alligators from the Later Alligator set would match my theme perfectly, and I was right. A flawless combination of teeth and cute - just like Shiloh!

I created a series of little windows down the side of my page using the stacked circles from the latest release Build a Tag Die Set. Then I filled each one with different images to make a little scene, varying the shapes and images and products to generate a lot of interest. And as always I made sure to leave plenty of space to write my journaling.

You can watch the process of how my page came together in my video today. I hope you enjoy!


Supplies Used:

Later Alligator Stamp Set
Later Alligator Die Set
Friendly Florals Stamp Set
Friendly Florals Die Set
Snake Scales Stencil

Have a nice day!


  1. Aww such a sweet creation!! Your little one is super cute :)

  2. Super cute idea to store the fun memories, I did with my three & still do now they adults. I had vampires to do h worried there my dear x Keep it going fun to give them peeps into their past.


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