Well Looky What I Did

As you know, my posts have been lacking anything crafty lately.  The past few months I have focused my creative energies on picking out paint, furniture, organization, decor, lighting, etc for the basement and new nursery.  I had been sketching some ideas for cards, wall art, and crochet projects along the way, and now that there is a brief intermission in home projects I finally sat down to work on something.  Seeing as how all my stamping stuff is in boxes, I picked up my trusty crochet hooks and got to work.  While I love the look of traditional amigurumi (just google it), I usually don't crochet in that style.  Well, lets just say, my little creation is pretty cute already and I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more like it. Expect to see some new things in my Etsy shop soon.

I finished half yesterday, and I plan on doing the rest tonight.  For now, any guesses on what the finished product will be?


  1. Danielle, it's an *adorable* little birdy head! But an adorable little birdy head . . . what? I haven't a clue what it's going to be! :-D

  2. I think it's a sweet baby owl! Sooo adorable, Danielle!

  3. I agree about the bird - but what kind? Too cute!


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