Any Gardner's Out There??

I planted some beautiful lily bulbs 2 Fall's ago.  Deep orange, and deep purple (almost black).  They bloomed for the first time last summer, and were beautiful! Just the colors I was searching for...

My lilies have bloomed again this season...I have my beautiful deep orange, and red. Yes, I said RED. Not purple. Red.

Here's the orange...
and purple turned red?

What happened? I told my mom about it, she said something about the acidity of our soil. I have no idea. I tried to Google it, but had no luck. Anybody out there know? I mean, they are still beautiful, but they don't quite fit with the color scheme I have going. Will they be red again next year?

I also have some gorgeous Clematis for those of you who care


  1. You may need to add an iron fertilizer...but I would call your local nursery and ask

  2. Not a gardener.. but the lilies are beautiful!

  3. You can solve your acid problem by throwing some rusty nails in the soil. I threw a whole bunch in when I planted my pink hydrangeas several years ago, and they've bloomed a beautiful blue ever since.

    Acid-loving plants will be a shade of pink or red in soil with low acidity, and blue or purple in soil with high acidity.

    I think there's also something you can buy to increase the acidity in your soil, but a gardener recommended the rusty nails to me and they did the trick!

    Your lilies are gorgeous though! And the clematis, too!

  4. Wish I could have those in Florida! Beautiful!

  5. They are beautiful despite being red LOL!


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