Simply Delicious Sunday

I'm always trying my darndest to make healthy meal choices, especially now that I'm pregnant.  I generally feel better when I stick to a pretty fresh diet, but I also have terrible sweet tooth.  Hard candy, chocolate, ice cream, soda, you name it, if there is sugar in it, I'll like it (if you've seen the movie Elf, I'm pretty much like Buddy).   I am pretty good about keeping my sweet consumption in check, I mostly satisfy it by eating lots of fruit.

Every now and then I like my ice cream though, so here's my attempt to "health it up" as I like to say. It is actually quite refreshing and delicious (although chocolate ice cream will always be my favorite).

1/2 gallon vanilla frozen yogurt (I like Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean)
1 container frozen lemonade concentrate (12 ounces)

- Let frozen yogurt soften, empty it all into large mixing bowl
- Add about 1/2 container (6 ounces) of lemonade concentrate (more or less if you want more or less lemon flavor)
- Mix! (I use my electric mixer)
- Put mixture back into yogurt container and stick in freezer (or eat immediately like I do)

I also thought it would be yummy to add some fresh berries, but have yet to do so.

Let me know if you try it!


  1. does this taste like what, lemon frozen it fresh or still heavy....? I can see the berries will add to it for sure...either way - it sounds yum and so summery!

  2. Oh, I am so trying this! I'm addicted to anything lemon, and I love ice cream, but I'm trying to make healthier choices. I'll let you know how I like it!


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