The card I made with my husband


Intriguing header? Yeah! (I will spill the secret at the end)

It's the Christmas holidays and it's such a family time that I want to add some "family" to my post today. My daughter (11 months) can do nothing without I can do nothing without husband. While he is entertaining Eva, I can make a card, write a post and..... :)  Common problem, right? This card was not an exception.

I decided to use one of my favorite sets, Hello Winter, along with Santa's Wonderland.  I colored this cute little deer and some of the letters. 

After that I decided to add some texture and used Fa La La Simply Stencil for embossing. Hope you can see it on the photo below. 

So what my husband do for this card? 

He came at the final stage and stopped me when I was going to adhere the card on a blue cardstock base and said that it should be pink! I was pretty amazed as he has never helped me before. Hmm I'm not sure that my decision to agree with him was right....what do you think? Pink or blue?

Thanks for being with me today, I really enjoy writing these "closer to you" posts and hope you like reading them!

Hugs and holiday greetings!


  1. Sveta, your card is sweet, the pink looks good and I think blue would be pretty too.
    Just be thankful that he was interested enough to share some input. LOL
    Merry Christmas Sveta to you and your family.

  2. Cute card....I agree you did the right thing taking his suggestions - especially since he does not usually give input. HOWEVER, personally I think the blue would win over the pink, but both would look great - LOL! Kudos for doing what you did!
    Paper Hugs,

  3. Your card is adorable! I probably would have used blue too however I really like the more festive look it has with pink. Your husband did good and you did good by going with it (occasionally husbands can be right lol). Merry Christmas! :) (

  4. I have to admit that even before I read your post I had noticed the pink card and thought it was an unexpected but beautiful choice. It adds a softer look. and takes it in an entirely new direction. I love it!!

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