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Hi friends!
As Christmas draws quickly upon us and there is much to do I wonder if you've finished making your cards yet? I wanted to inspire you today with some new techniques to try with one of your favourite classic Neat and Tangled stamp sets - Art Deco.

The Art Deco stamp set isn't an overtly Christmas set, but it does have some sentiment options to match the holiday season, and it's such a classic design that it really works well for so many different themes. A worthwhile investment stamp if you ask me!

I wanted to use the main grid design background image as a starting point, and then use the large square block to create the appearance of a plaid pattern. Plaid is such a great holiday pattern don't you think? I love it most at this time of year!
I tried out two different versions in some reasonably traditional Christmas colour schemes and I can't decide which one I like best!

I filmed the whole thing so you can watch my process. Now, like all my videos I try to keep it 'real life' - which means I start the camera rolling with an idea in my head and I literally just make it before your eyes. I don't edit out the mistakes, I simply roll with it and let you see how I then deal with it. So forgive me if I don't get 'perfect' results every time, but I kinda like it when the finished product looks slightly rough and rustic - I think it adds to the handmade charm of it.


I'd love to try out these techniques with a whole bunch of other colours too. What colours would you choose to use next?


Neat and Tangled Art Deco Stamp Set
Neat and Tangled Wishing You Love Stamp Set
Neat and Tangled Wishing You Love Die Set


  1. Making patterns is so fun and the imperfections show that it's handmade from the heart. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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